Help & Instructions

VoiceTexter is a Smart, Professional and Free to Use Speech to Text App which helps you with transcription of your blogs, books, articles, etc. You can use it on Desktop (Only Google Chrome Browser Supported) and Android to transcribe your Voice to Text continuously without interruptions.

Note: Speed and Accuracy of transcription depends on many factors like Internet Connection, Clarity of Voice, etc. So we cannot guarantee a 100% Speech to Text Conversion with VoiceTexter.


  1. Desktop
  2. Chrome Browser
  3. A Good Quality Microphone


VoiceTexter - Continuous Speech to Text & Notes

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Connect a High Quality Microphone to your system.

Step 3: Click on Start Button in Tools Menu to start recognition.

Step 4: Start dictating slowly and clearly so that voice texter can understand it propely and convert your speech to text with high accuracy.

Know More About VoiceTexter Tools

Voice Texter - Buttons & Options

1   Start - Click Start Button to Start Dictating.

2   Undo - Undo button will undo your last action in notepad.

3   Redo - Redo button will redo your last undo action in notepad.

4   Clear - Clear button will delete all the text from notepad.

5   Copy - Copy button will copy all the text from notepad.

6   Export - Hover on export button and select your desired option to export your note.

7   Print - Use Print button to directly print your note.

8   Words Counter - Words Counter will show the number of words written in notepad.

9   Languages - Select on this button to choose your desired dictation language.

10 DarkMode - Toggle VoiceTexter's Dark Mode On or Off.

11 Auto Save - Use this toggle to ON/OFF auto saving of your transcription.

12 Notepad - This is the notepad where all your speech to text conversion will be written

Voice Texter - Dark Mode