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Continuous Voice to Text Notepad
Easy to Use Speech to Text Transcription Tool

VoiceTexter is a Smart, Professional and Free to Use Speech to Text App which helps you with transcription of your blogs, books, articles, etc. It transcribes your Voice to Text continuously without interruptions.
Now with VoiceTexter, students, teachers, bloggers, writers and many other people can easily dictate to write and save their transcriptions.

VoiceTexter works online in Chrome browser in desktops. No need to install or download, start dictating and converting speech to text out of the box.

Features of VoiceTexter

Features of VoiceTexter which makes it a powerful Voice to Text Web App

★ Continuous transcription without interruptions.
★ Play/Stop button to easily control Speech Recognition.
★ 110+ Languages Supported.
★ Export Note in .TXT or .DOC format.
★ Directly Print Transcripted Note.
★ Night Mode to give stress-free experience.
★ Provides transcription with most accuracy as it works on Google's Speech Recognition Engine.
★ Auto Capitalization, Punctuations and Spacing feature.
★ Speak to Insert Punctuations.
★ Change line or paragraph by just speaking commands.
★ Word Counter to count words transcripted.
★ Always Free to Use. No Limits.

Instructions to Use VoiceTexter

- Desktop or Laptop with Google Chrome Browser Installed.
- A high quality microphone should be properly connected to the system.

How to Use
1) Click the Play Button in tools menu.
2) If you are using VoiceTexter for First Time, it will ask you to allow using microphone. Click 'Allow'.
3) Start Speaking Clearly and make sure there's no noise in background.
4) You will start seeing results in buffer. Just wait a bit(for a sec or micro) and the results will be shifted to Notepad.